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Breech Consultation

A one off appointment to explore the options open to you when your baby presents in a breech position at or near term. If you decide moxibustion is right for you I will show you how to do it and provide you with the moxa sticks.

2 hours (plus telephone follow up)


We will explore what finding out that your baby is presenting in a breech position means.

  • Are there any implications for your plans for birth? Is the information you’ve been given by your local NHS trust complete? Are there other options open to you? Is there anything you can do about it? Do you need to do anything about it?

Benefit from the experience and knowledge of an Independent Midwife who has worked both in and out of the NHS over the last ten years

  • Explore the different ways of birthing a breech baby, recognising the benefits and risks of each option.
  • Explore the different ways of encouraging a baby to turn from breech to cephalic (head down), discussing the benefits/risks/practicalities of each as well as the research supporting them and the success rates.
  • Explore what is offered at each of the local NHS trusts and whether any alternatives are available for you.

If you decide you would like to try moxibustion I will show you and your partner how to do it so you can complete a course of twenty treatments over ten days to give yourself the best chance of encouraging baby head down – I will offer you the choice of moxa sticks that suit your needs

I am available at the end of the phone after your appointment should you have any further questions or need any further help with the moxibustion.