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My birth debriefing service helps you to look back at what happened with previous births and explore why things went the way they did. We can then use this to prepare for this time round and look at how to avoid the same happening again.

The process usually involves the following;

  • You requesting a copy of your notes from your previous birth(s)
  • Me taking time to go through the notes and draw up a timeline of events and decisions
  • You writing down your birth story (your partner may wish to do this too)
  • Bringing together the three and exploring the reasons for the path you took
  • Discussing what is important to you about this birth and your previous experience and drawing up a birth plan to help you and your birth partner stay in control with information and choices regardless of the path you take this time.

Birth debriefing is NOT about apportioning blame or guarenteeing a perfect outcome this time. It is about exploring what happened and why and looking at how you can stay in control whatever happens by equipping yourself and your birth partner with information and coping strategies.

The above is not set in stone – contact me for more information if you think you may be interested in this service