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Breastfeeding support is of course central to antenatal and postnatal care packages I offer. However preparation is key so I also offer an antenatal breastfeeding preparation service as a stand alone service at a cost of £120 (this is refunded if you go on to book a postnatal package of care).

During two 1-2 hour long appointments we will explore and prepare for the practicalities and realities of breastfeeding – the good bits and the challenges! We will discuss your previous experience of breastfeeding, normal newborn feeding and sleeping behaviour and what to expect in terms of length and frequency of feedings, “growth spurts” what are they/how to recognise them/how to get through them/why they are necessary, “positioning and attachment” different positions to feed baby in and how to encourage them onto the breast, common challenges and strategies to overcome them, practical preparations you can make ahead of time, where and how to access support after your baby is born.