Preparing for breastfeeding

Women often talk about how they wish they’d known more about the harsh realities of breastfeeding before baby arrived and they were suddenly faced with them.¬†

I always spend time with the families I work with talking not just about the good bits of breastfeeding but also the common challenges.
When to expect growth spurts and what these might be like, the realities of newborn sleep patterns etc. Hopefully this leaves you better prepared to deal with what can be a really challenging and draining first few weeks.

It’s not to put people off that I do this, quite the reverse. I believe that by being fully prepared for the common challenges of early breastfeeding, the families I work with are in a better position to deal with them.

I also offer this service outside of my full package of care.
Either by providing your full postnatal care or simply through two antenatal breastfeeding preparation appointments. 
Give me a call if this is something you are interested exploring