Coping with coughs and colds during pregnancy and while breastfeeding

You can’t take decongestants whilst pregnant or breastfeeding and so it can sometimes feel like you are stuck and can’t do anything to help when a cold hits.

Here is my advice as a mum who was pregnant, breastfeeding or both for 7.5 years! I’ve been forced to sort out an alternative

– Plenty of water
– Steam inhalations – either with a fancy gadget or simply a bowl of water
– Saline nose spray
– My mums magic mix
– Paracetamol
– Nose strips for overnight
– Rest!

Most are self explanatory

My mums magic mix was an idea that came from pintrest
Slice one lemon and pop the slices into a clean, empty jar.
Finely chop a thumb sized length of fresh ginger and add that to the jar.
Pour honey over the top to fill the jar.

Put two teaspoons of the mixture into a mug and pour over boiling water
Add 1/2 tsp of turmeric to your mug
We make sure we always have a jar ready and then as soon as someone has a cold it’s there

Nose strips for overnight. These were a fantastic find! I advise going for the branded ones as in my experience the chemist own brand ones aren’t as good.
You stick them over your nose (use the instructions) and they lift your nose making the passages wider for breathing through.
If they didn’t look so daft I’d wear them day and night